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New Ways Of Gathering Information and Communicating


Ten Years of Information and Communication Technology
Just in the past decade there have been many great innovations in the information and communication technology industry. The decade has seen numerous amounts of technological advancements, which means that finding one that rises above the rest is a challenge; however the one that has reached countless people changing their lives in the process is the creation of social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Skype. These sites have created new ways of gathering information as well as communicating. Over this past decade the way humans live their lives have changed because of these four sites. The idea of creating a site where people can instantly communicate has been revolutionary that has gone global, creating a new way of communicating across the world.
People can stay connected from across the world using any one of these sites. For instance Facebook is way to update events that happen in your life and to see events in other people’s lives, this way people living on the other side of the world can see what is going on in their friends life without an expensive phone call or mailing letters which not only costs money but time as well. Facebook is visually focused because of the ability to upload photos and tag fiends in photos. Giving birth is a special event and sometimes not everyone is there to see it, with Facebook all your friends can see the baby you just had, bringing that event to your friends even if they aren’t there with you. Thanks to Facebook special events like these can be easily shared with friends around the world. Another reason why Facebook is a great tool is because businesses now have a new way of communicating and reaching out to new or previous customers. Businesses can now post special promotions and get options form customers through Facebook. Facebook is a cheap and easy way of having information flowing between the customers and the businesses. As mentioned earlier Facebook is visually oriented with pictures being posted by people constantly, therefore what better way for new products to be shown off than Facebook? Not only can you show off your product but alert customers of special events or sales days. If a business is going to have a special event happen Facebook allows that business to reach thousands of people in a cost efficient way.
Another site a lot like Facebook is MySpace; however even though they are similar they do have their differences. Facebook is more visually oriented where as MySpace has more of an entertainment focus. MySpace allows members to create music playlists and has a MySpace home page where members can watch videos about entertainers as well as seeing what their friends are up to. You have two options when you get on MySpace, look to see what your friends are doing or look to see what entertainers are doing. MySpace offers a place to stay connected to not only your friends but also to the bands you like or the movies you want to see. Facebook does allow you to see what new bands or movies that are coming out but you have to “like” the bands or “Friend” an entertainer to get updates about them. MySpace has a home page where you can find music links or videos about the people you want ergo MySpace’s primary attraction is entertainment. Whether it’s your friend with a funny picture on their MySpace page or a cool music video you can see the MySpace home page.
The common theme that both MySpace and Facebook had was pictures and visual attraction, Twitter on the other hand is more about status updates than posting pictures. Twitter is an explosion of texting. You can now text people as much as you want for free. Forget you phone twitter allows you to update your friends on what you are doing are communicate with them as much as you want. The big use for twitter comes in entrepreneurs or celebrities reaching out to customers or fans. Facebook and MySpace allow you to do this too, but the environment Twitter brings makes it much easier for people to have conversations. Twitter is all about words and communicating information through updates or tweets as they are called on Twitter. With these tweets celebrities can let fans know what they are doing each day, creating a whole new fan experience. Just think back ten years ago and how fans never got daily updates from their favorite celebrities about what they did that day. Twitter is a place where information can be shared quickly and vastly across the world. An example of how impactful Twitter and other social networking sites are is when Osama Bin Laden was killed. This information was spread rapidly, so much so that the night he was killed the Mets and Phillies were playing a baseball game and the crowd had gotten the world from their phones probably from one of these networking sites like Twitter. As time went on eventually the entire stadium had gotten world of Bin Laden’s death and began chanting “USA!” These sites like Twitter allow people to get more significant information much faster than any other time is history. Events that happen on the other side of the world are now more relevant than ever before.
Staying connected with friends can be a difficult task as time clicks by. People move, get jobs, settle down with a wife and kids, and there just isn’t time to go sit down with friends at a restaurant that is convenient for everyone. One way to keep in contact with friends is Skype, which allows you to make calls to your friends with the option of a video call all for free. Skype has given people the opportunity to call friends for free and chat like there are sitting in a restaurant. Skype has features where you can do a group video call therefore creating the opportunity to have those group conversations with friends even though all your friends aren’t even in the same country as you. Friends can easily catch up with each other and stay connected without having to travel to see each other. The appeal with Skype is that everything is free, which is why it makes sense for businesses to have meetings with other executives on Skype. Businesses can say a lot of travel money and time by moving more meetings onto Skype instead of some pricy hotel that will probably distract people anyway. With the economy and money being tight Skype is something that not only people should look into using but businesses as well. All that’s needed is an internet connection and download from Skype which is free and easy. It makes sense to use Skype, financially and socially.
Great inventions change lives, taking the invention of the airplane for instance, creating the airplane changed human lives in so many ways. The same can be said for social networking sites. They are still fairly new and continue to change our life. That is why they are a great idea; social networking sites are still relevant and look to continue that trend as time goes on. Humans have found a new way of communicating just like the invention of the telegram or the cell phone. Inventions like these are important to recognize because they change daily living and improve difficult situations. Social networking has built a new avenue of communication that humans have never seen before, that is why they are the greatest invention in the past ten years.