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Access To Media And Data With SNT's


Communication is an overarching and powerful theme in present day. We rarely go anywhere or do anything without having communicated with someone. In the workplace, a large part of our day is spent communicating with others, sending ideas, data, responses and much more. In our personal lives, communication is often the foundation on which friendships and relationship are built. In the last few years, some say that we are moving in the wrong direction. They find it ironic that we started out tapping messages with Morse Code and now we tap messages and text regularly. What about over communication? Have media outlets like Twitter invaded our lives and given us the impression that our inhaling and exhaling is worthy of public posting? These ideas and questions are all valid, however, there are a multitude of advancements and tools which now make information sharing, access and communication extremely easy and increasingly valuable. If you need proof, just look at your newspaper. Many years ago North Americans had little means to know about movements, disasters and revolutions in distant nations. Now we are aware, often seconds after it is known on the ground. Out of all the developments which have permeated the globe in the last ten years, I am a strong believer that the mainstreaming of portable hardware technologies such as smartphones, netbooks and tablets (SNTs) will be the defining advancement of this decade. I have one. It is likely that you have one. A Blackberry, an iPhone, a Playbook, an iPad, Hewlett-Packard, the list goes on. These devices are truly the latest and greatest technology today and will certainly shape future technology and communication developments, in terms of what people need and desire. With email, music, internet, games, photos, videos, file sharing and much more packed into sleek designs and high performance hardware, it is likely that the concept of a desktop personal computer is on the way to obsolescence. Though many of the components of SNTs are not new or revolutionary, it is the packaging that is. One-stop access to many vital information and communication technology (ICT) tools is what sets them apart. The ground-breaking aspect of these technologies lies in the interaction of their singular format, portability, access to data and media, speed and accessibility.

If you had the option to take all your belongings with you in your pocket, wouldn’t you? You would never forget your keys at home or have trouble finding that phone bill. This concept of easy portability is vital to the success and popularity of SNTs. Technological advancement has made it possible to carry your life in your pocket. Never before has it been possible to call your partner, email your boss, listen to your playlist, look at photos of your vacation and edit a document all on one small device. This multi-use capability and small size are a significant move forward towards technology and communication of the future. Additionally, this portability is enhanced by accessibility. The vast majority of the world now can access cell phone networks, towers and satellites, meaning that no matter where you go, your information and connection goes with you. Travelling no longer needs to be an isolated or lonely experience if you have your portable device at your side. SNTs have created a revolution in how we regard information and how it relates to our lives. Information is no longer just a string of text; it is much more. Information is something we constantly receive, perceive, send and can ultimately affect. Thanks to SNTs, data and its communication is now an integrated part of ourselves, making it a stand-out in the decade.

The access to media and data for many purposes is also a significant advancement. Both personal and business related media and information can be transmitted more efficiently and rapidly. Reports and documents that would usually require a desktop to review and edit can now be accessed through your device. This capability is a great enhancement from a business standpoint, which until recently could not expect employees to access reports or presentations until at their workstations. Productivity and speed of business units can be greatly enhanced with this streamlined and interactive method of transmitting information. Emails can be responded to within seconds and informed feedback can be communicated quickly. This information and its precise management also enhances personal organization, with dates, times and locations at your fingertips. Personally, this access is a bonus for ones social life. It is possible to keep many people updated on your life, plan events and share experiences. Photos and videos can not only be taken on SNTs, but uploaded, shared and commented on. On the same vein, SNTs also now have a significant role in personal entertainment. The reading of books, playing of games and music, watching of television and movies is no longer a single location activity. Access to the internet for purposes of business, curiosity, downloading and reference is also made possible in conjunction with emails and social networking. The shear breadth of information forms and flexibility that is available on SNTs is undeniably a breakthrough for information and communication technology.

A spin-off effect of this social networking and rapid access to information is the use of SNTs and similar platforms for strategic marketing, receiving feedback and grassroots organizations. The use of portable devices and their easy access to mass communications makes them a highly effective and personal tool for spreading information and ideas. Marketers can now target certain users for a variety of pre-determined advertisements and ensure that their message is reaching the target audience. The social media concepts of re-Tweeting and “Like”-ing are a great utility for gauging feedback, involvement and receiving consumer trends. This information is not only useful from a marketing standpoint, but also boasts dividends from a more political perspective. With the last few years seeing many revolutions in nations such as Syria, Egypt and Libya, the effect of portable devices and rapid communication is clear. Videos and photos of raids and postings of support or denunciation raise the profile of many international current events. Using the same method, charities, movements and not-for-profits have a new platform on which to spread their message and inspire support. The mainstream adoption of SNTs around the globe is a significant advancement for the awareness and subsequent resolution of current issues at home and away.

Communication is always evolving. Each day it becomes more personal, more useful and more informative, thanks in many respects to the wide adoption of smartphones, netbooks and tablets (SNTs). These devices are revolutionary in their portability and ability to take many utilities, media and information anywhere you go. This information sharing also has a significant use in today’s personal, global, political and business society. These devices, which have become hugely successful in the last decade, are one of the greatest advancements I have seen in recent years. Not only this, but I absolutely expect them to continue to push the boundaries and continue to change the face of information and communications technology in years to come.