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Educationally Assisting SMARTboards


In the past decade our world has greatly improved in the field of technology. Developments are emerging at an incredible pace as we progress into the future of technology and marvel at all of the benefits that accompany such advancements. Inventions such as the educationally assisting SMARTboard have recently been established to better society by simplifying certain every day procedures (like teaching methods). A SMARTboard is an interactive whiteboard system that displays projected information from a computer screen Ė a development that fascinates many and benefits all, as it improves the future generationís education. With countless developing young minds in schools across the planet, a technological advancement in the field of education is clearly of great importance to the World. Since 2001, I believe that the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry is in the development of the SMARTboard.
The SMARTboard is the most beneficial recent creation in IT as it enhances education in multitudes of ways, including its ability to adapt to the multiple learning styles of those who use it. Children with disabilities and special needs must be catered to in the classroom, therefore different approaches may be necessary to ensure that they develop a firm understanding, and with improved technology this task can be made much easier. The SMARTboard is the new innovative solution to educating the multitudes of children that have many different learning styles or disabilities. One example of its adaptability is the capability that this interactive board has to enlarge information presented to the students as well having a touch-screen that is board-sized, making it physically easier for all students to work with and work more independently as well. Children with poor hand eye coordination can also improve this skill by using the SMARTboard as they learn by touching the interactive screen. This board also caters to each childís strongest learning method as it can stimulate those who are visual, audio, or tactile learners. As the board displays computer images, videos and presentations that can include sound and can be responded to through drawing on the touch screen, individuals are able to learn with his/her senses and can come to an understanding in his/her own most suitable way. Since it is an interactive learning system, all children can actively take part in developing understanding by the most apt personal means, whether that be writing on the board and responding to the information directly (with the use of markers on the digital screen), or participating in class discussions or listening to videos and such or looking at the images and visual explanations as learning takes place before the childrenís eyes. The board is also beneficial to those with limited motor skills as one can tap the projected screen rather than clicking a mouse on a computer, making it easier to use computers in the classroom. Such an advanced technological system is not only useful for specific and unique needs in a classroom, but it is also is an important means of introducing technology in to the classroom.
Technology is an integral part of the present, every day world and therefore introducing new systems to young people is essential, which is another benefit to having a SMARTboard in the classroom. SMARTboards allow the youth of today to learn how to use computers and such as it becomes a regular part of the learning experience. Adapting to new technology becomes easy for kids when information technology is used on a regular basis in day to day learning. Such a great piece of technology also replaces older systems like chalk boards that are accompanied by waste and chalk dust which can cause allergic reactions or negatively affect a childís respiratory system in the long run, while the SMARTboard completely eliminates the use of chalk. Having a SMARTboard in each classroom is also technologically beneficial to schools with little access to computers for each student, as this system allows an entire class to work together on one computer. By allowing multiple students to contribute by writing on the board or discussing the material displayed on the board as the class works on a large screen, it is easy to share such technology even with lack of computers. Not only is the SMARTboard a classroom technological advancement, but also extremely improves the way in which students learn in many ways.
A stimulating and exciting new development such as the SMARTboard is a technological breakthrough for education as it enhances the learning experience for all students. In teaching the youth of today through exciting new technological means, learning becomes more fun and stimulating for kids of all ages who enjoy using the interactive board. Students generally show great interest in the SMARTboard, therefore learning as well as an individualís understanding, is improved as students give more attention to the material being taught. Especially since this technological tool is interactive, learning becomes hands on and students are given the opportunity to be actively involved in their studies. This instructional tool also allows lessons to be simplified because it displays what is on the teacherís computer screen, therefore online information, lesson plans and electronic tools can be used. Activities such as creating time lines or comparison charts, or labeling maps or diagrams are also made easier as the class is able to use computer tools or online images or templates as they work together more quickly and efficiently on a displayed touch screen and IT system. Since the SMARTboard is a more advanced way of using computers in the classroom, all the benefits of computers in schools also apply to having this excellent piece of technology, including the internet assistance that not only aids teachers but also students, as games, electronic books, interactive learning sites and even online experts are available to the class. As studentsí learning improves because their attention is captured and lessons become hands on and simplified, it is clear that the greatest advancement in technology is the creation of the SMARTboard.
The SMARTboard is without a doubt, the greatest piece of technology established in the last ten years, as it positively shapes society as time goes on. Technology has simplified the world around us, as even the methods of educating youth can be improved through advanced IT systems such as this. The lives of many are becoming vastly easier as even the most mundane of tasks are simplified with novel devices that are being created in this day and age. Even numerous careers have become uncomplicated as many issues and struggles in many different areas have been solved through new technological support, allowing for positive advancements in many fields of work. As tasks are simplified in the work place, it becomes even more possible to reach new heights in innovation and development in many fields, as technology has the ability to remove many barriers of the past so that humanity can reach a better future. In making the job of educating young minds easier to teachers, this new technology is enhancing the future of not only information technology, but also of the next generation and thus, of the future society.