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The Cell Phone And Wireless Internet


The greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry in the past 10 years is the cell phone and wireless internet.

It seems hard to believe that our society ever survived without these two forms of communication in the past. Years ago people would write letters and use their house phone to communicate. Today if you are not computer savvy or are technologically challenged you find yourself out of the loop. It is becoming almost mandatory that everyone own a computer in order to adequately keep in touch with the outside world. Every application or form of any kind asks for not only your house phone number, but your cell number as well. We are rapidly canceling our house phone service and relying on cell phone towers to make our calls.

Today credit card companies, banks and other service providers are on the bandwagon and asking patrons to go paperless and telling them they will receive a bonus or reduction in fees if they opt out of paper statements. Not an option for those who struggle with their remote control of their television.

With technological advancements come pros and cons. Although the pros appear to outweigh the cons it is necessary to keep ourselves in check and not forget what to do when the lights go out. In addition to this we need to recognize the dangers that come with the intensity of our fast paced level of communication and what is being shared among millions around the world.

The Internet and Cell Phones have changed virtually how everything is done in the business world, politics, medicine, media, medicine, education, and transportation.

Years ago the computer filled a room and a cell phone needed to be held with two hands. Now our phones serve as mini computers and information is shared at lightning speed.

In the business world companies are bought and sold in an instant while the market rises and falls at the press of the enter key. Shopping in crowded malls is no longer necessary. Just go online and shop for anything from tires to tickets, from pizza to pianos, and jewelry to junk. Like a song, just download it illegally and it is yours. If you are shopping for a home you can take a virtual tour before going to an open house.

Politicians campaign on websites, their personal lives become publicized and new bills and laws become somewhat transparent. Of course we see only what they want us to see and therefore what is written is not always the truth.

The media is everywhere and quick to report stories as they are happening. Gone are the days of waiting for the 5 O'clock news. Now it is instantaneous reporting.

The world of medicine is changing swiftly with the help of the internet and cell phones. Medical information is at the finger tips of medical professionals and is saving lives. Cell phones allow doctors to be contacted immediately when a patient is in labor, organs become available for transplants, and other emergencies occur.

Teachers and students alike get to surf the web for lessons and homework help. Video-conferencing takes over classrooms and allows students from around the world to break the cultural barrier. Want to become an author, do it yourself lessons a click away. Deciding to go to college but homebound, online degrees are popping up left and right.

The transportation industry has changed a great deal as well due to these technological advancements. Planes, trains and automobiles are equipped with computers that allow them to make their destinations in record speed and with exceptional safety measures in place. Standing in long lines for tickets to go on business trips or vacation are pointless. Go on the Internet pick your destination, choose your mode of transportation, decide on a date and time, then waive your boarding pass bar code and sit back and relax. The ease of picking up a family member from the train station or airport is appreciated with the help of a cell phone call upon arrival.

The "information highway", the Internet, has helped stranded coal miners keep in touch with their loved ones before being rescued. It has helped to inform communities that are about to face hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes so they can get to safety areas. It is used to tell the weather, the time and what to cook for dinner. Now, with the internet available on cell phones you can even get driving directions when stuck in traffic and looking for an alternate route.

There are many benefits of having the Internet and cell phones at our disposal. Unfortunately, with any invention there are bound to be controversial issues that plague these technological advancements.

One major concern today is the effect on our youth. Children are becoming obese as a result of limited or non-existent physical activity. They are spending countless hours surfing the web, using Facebook, tweeting on twitter, and texting night and day. Back in the day kids went out to play after school and right before the sun went down they would come in for dinner. Bedtime used to be adhered to and parents never had to doubt that their children were sound asleep. Times have changed so drastically with computers in every room and cell phones small enough to hind under pillows. Children aren't sleeping, exercising, or even communicating face to face as much as they should be.

One of the biggest problems facing our world today is cyber bullying. Bullying has been around forever, but now kids can bully others in the privacy of their home or while walking to the movies. These kids hide behind the technology and feel powerful because they know they can reach a wide audience and damage their prey more readily. We need to develop safety guards to prevent this plague from spreading any further.

With the Internet comes thievery. Our identities are being stolen left and right. People put their faith in a website, enter their personal information and hackers steal their identities, money, and souls. They steal their souls by developing pornographic websites. Not only adults are viewing these sights but kids do it too. This is very sad and disturbing. Young children should not be looking at this kind of thing.

Another major problem today is drug trafficking. It is so easy to buy drugs on the Internet. Adults and kids are doing this and it is becoming a big business. Unfortunately, a lot of people are buying these drugs to supply their addiction problem or to sell the pills on the street for a profit. It just doesn't seem right that these drugs can be bought so easily. Kids in high school are constantly using prescription drugs to get high today. This is a major problem in our schools. Cell phones are used to complete these drug deals and make the whole process just too easy.

Overall the inception of the Internet and high tech cell phones are to the benefit of our world. We can produce more, sell more, communicate more and learn more and all in a matter of moments. We can't deny the benefits of these amazing innovations, but we can become more diligent at protecting our society and especially the kids. They need to spend equal amounts of time exercising as they do in front of a screen and keypad.