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Twitter and YouTube And The New Field Of Journalism - Rafael Galicot and Gregorio Galicot
Communications and journalism, in a sense, are no longer about the journalists (Gregorio Galicot), the deadlines or the traditional styles of reporting. There is no waiting time, there is almost nothing left to the imagination. We are now kept updated to the second, given access to links, sidebars, visuals and interaction to any story — regardless of media. The keys to this world of information — when and how we need it — are two things that are the opposite of strangers to today’s society. Two words: Twitter and YouTube. The two may be the poster-children for what is “wrong” about communications today and most likely have many fingers pointed in their direction for murdering print media. But, in laymens terms, they sure are fantastic. — I ask you to look beyond annoying — ahem, “recreational” — Twitter accounts such as LordVoldemort7 (“Osama Bin Laden & I share the same death day. Organising parties is going to be awkward, we have so many mutual friends. Dibs on Hitler”) and TotalFratMove (“What do my golf clubs and a pledge have in common? I forget they are in my trunk until I slam on the brakes. TFM.”) Consider the Twitters of the media, companies and organizations. I am a journalism student in my senior year. While I... Access To Media And Data With SNT's
Communication is an overarching and powerful theme in present day. We rarely go anywhere or do anything without having communicated with someone. In the workplace, a large part of our day is spent communicating with others, sending ideas, data, responses and much more. In our personal lives, communication is often the foundation on which friendships and relationship are built. In the last few years, some say that we are moving in the wrong direction. They find it ironic that we started out tapping messages with Morse Code and now we tap messages and text regularly. What about over communication? Have media outlets like Twitter invaded our lives and given us the impression that our inhaling and exhaling is worthy of public posting? These ideas and questions are all valid, however, there are a multitude of advancements and tools which now make information sharing, access and communication extremely easy and increasingly valuable. If you need proof, just look at your newspaper. Many years ago North Americans had little means to know about movements, disasters and revolutions in distant nations. Now we are aware, often seconds after it is known on the ground. Out of all the developments which have permeated the globe in the last... Educationally Assisting SMARTboards
In the past decade our world has greatly improved in the field of technology. Developments are emerging at an incredible pace as we progress into the future of technology and marvel at all of the benefits that accompany such advancements. Inventions such as the educationally assisting SMARTboard have recently been established to better society by simplifying certain every day procedures (like teaching methods). A SMARTboard is an interactive whiteboard system that displays projected information from a computer screen – a development that fascinates many and benefits all, as it improves the future generation’s education. With countless developing young minds in schools across the planet, a technological advancement in the field of education is clearly of great importance to the World. Since 2001, I believe that the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry is in the development of the SMARTboard. The SMARTboard is the most beneficial recent creation in IT as it enhances education in multitudes of ways, including its ability to adapt to the multiple learning styles of those who use it. Children with disabilities and special needs must be catered to in the classroom, therefore different... New Ways Of Gathering Information and Communicating
Ten Years of Information and Communication Technology Just in the past decade there have been many great innovations in the information and communication technology industry. The decade has seen numerous amounts of technological advancements, which means that finding one that rises above the rest is a challenge; however the one that has reached countless people changing their lives in the process is the creation of social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Skype. These sites have created new ways of gathering information as well as communicating. Over this past decade the way humans live their lives have changed because of these four sites. The idea of creating a site where people can instantly communicate has been revolutionary that has gone global, creating a new way of communicating across the world. People can stay connected from across the world using any one of these sites. For instance Facebook is way to update events that happen in your life and to see events in other people’s lives, this way people living on the other side of the world can see what is going on in their friends life without an expensive phone call or mailing letters which not only costs money but time as well. Facebook is... The World Of Computers
The computer, perhaps the most mundane and ubiquitous object apparent in today’s society, is experiencing what one would consider a ‘technology boom.’ In recent years, billions of tiny computer chips are embedded into everyday products: handheld calculators, cell phones, cars, and portable music players. There are hundreds of millions of computers in the world that are connected together through the internet via wireless technology, giving these users mobility to traverse about without the slightest perplexity of losing their wireless connection. These millions of devices are developed through the overly competitive market of computer developing companies, both corporate and small businesses, that are in a constant rat race against opposing companies to develop the newest, most proficient means of technology to hit the market. Just as Heidi Klum proclaims that “one day you’re in, the next day you’re out,” the constant tug-or-war shows that a new means of technology is indispensable as long as there is someone out there trying to surpass you by creating a newer, more adept mean of technology. In the late 1940s, ENIAC, one of the world’s first digital electronic computers, was built. The gargantuan machine filled an entire... Dynamic Social Networking Platforms
In technology’s earliest forms, humans have developed primitive systems and tools to communicate and share information with each other. In recent times, however, these systems and tools have evolved to become complex yet powerful in connecting diverse groups of people all over the world. One system in particular has become the leading service in less than a decade in providing people the ability to control their information and develop connections. The system of Facebook has made advancement in the communications and information technology industry by establishing itself as a prominent figure that connects people through its simple yet dynamic social networking platform. The use of Facebook as a social network is enhancing the way people communicate with each other through its multiple features. Users have the power to inform and share their ideas, thoughts, and questions to everyone in the forms of text and visual on the news feed feature. Users are simultaneously updated by their friends’ posts as the news feed updates itself every few minutes. In return for viewing these updates, users can respond to their friends’ posts as they act as a small-scale forum thread that is open to comments. As a result of this feature, users... Health Information Technology (HIT)
Through my past work at a pediatric primary care office and my internship at the Rhode Island Department of Health, I have developed a deep interest in and passion for health and medicine. So for me, the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry over the last 10 years has been Health Information Technology (HIT). This technology is not only pertinent for the maintenance of patient data through the use of electronic health records (EHRs), but it also allows for health information exchange (HIE). The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services argues that HIE builds “capacity for exchanging health information across the health care system both within and across states.” (“State Health Information Exchange Cooperative Agreement Program,” They also argue that it facilitates connectedness within the health care system and improves quality and efficiency, as information is consolidated better and travels faster. If a patient is on vacation and falls ill has to go into the ER, HIE exchange can make it possible for the ER doctor to access this out of state patient’s records and see if they are allergic to any medications, for example, or if they have been on any... Eco-Friendly Mobile Phones
Man’s first technological advance, the use of fire for hunting and cooking food, occurred in the Paleolithic era. Centuries later, technology encompasses a broader scope of industries and monumental advances in the field are made each decade. In the 21st century, the focus has changed from technology for creating fire to technology that allows us to connect across the globe with the conveniences of speed, clarity, and reliability. But great advances have also brought serious problems: Exponential population growth, depleted natural resources, and record-high greenhouse gas emission poison the planet. Our civilization’s focus is now on environmental sustainability, and the best technology of our time is one that offers a solution to this global crisis. The greatest advance in the information and communication technology industry in the last decade is the movement of cellphone manufacturers to produce products that are environmentally friendly throughout their life cycles: in production, use, and disposal. In a short time, this movement has had great environmental impacts, reduced social injustices, and has the potential to reach the entire global population in the coming years. The revolution for a “greener” cellphone... The Global Scale Of The Internet
Revolutions in the fields of information technology, communications, and media have altered, and continue to alter the ways in which human’s process, transmit, and ultimately understand the world in which they live. The goal of these revolutions, from the advent of the Greek alphabet to the growth of our current Information Age, has been to bypass the technologies that have come before them. Although these developments themselves can be considered great innovations, it is the ways in which these technologies are used that determines their value. For example the World Wide Web, as one of the most influential technological advancements of the twentieth-century, would be obsolete save for the crucial purposes it serves. The web’s ability, on one level, to democratize information by giving society the ability to upload, store, and share information on a global scale is one of these crucial purposes. Although certain “politics” of the web are still in play, essentially anyone can share their thoughts, opinions, contestations, etc. on this mega-platform known as the Internet – whether or not someone else reads it is another story. The web has the potential to undermine the often-partisan feature of print and even broadcast media as... NHK, The Radio And Broadcast Corporation Of Japan
For years I have been captivated by the cultural lure of Japan. Before graduating high school, I was already making mental itineraries and planning when I could study abroad during my university career. I read books on Japanese language, geography, and tradition. Selecting my prospective major in Global Studies with a concentration in East Asia was a complete no-brainer. I found that though I had never taken so much as one step in Japan, I was already in love with the land, and with the people. So when the March 11th earthquake and tsunami struck this country, I turned sick with worry, and overcome with guilt that the Japanese people were suffering while my life continued without a hitch in the United States. I tuned in to CNN and NBC religiously, at least once every twelve hours – any and every broadcast station that might have some news from the Land of the Rising Sun. I scoured headlines in the print of our local paper’s global section, and the online updates from the Associated Press. The news rarely improved, stating widespread destruction and eventually a severe nuclear crisis in Fukushima Prefecture. Even though every story made my heart drop into my stomach, brought tears to my eyes, or kept me awake at night,... The Cell Phone And Wireless Internet
The greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry in the past 10 years is the cell phone and wireless internet. It seems hard to believe that our society ever survived without these two forms of communication in the past. Years ago people would write letters and use their house phone to communicate. Today if you are not computer savvy or are technologically challenged you find yourself out of the loop. It is becoming almost mandatory that everyone own a computer in order to adequately keep in touch with the outside world. Every application or form of any kind asks for not only your house phone number, but your cell number as well. We are rapidly canceling our house phone service and relying on cell phone towers to make our calls. Today credit card companies, banks and other service providers are on the bandwagon and asking patrons to go paperless and telling them they will receive a bonus or reduction in fees if they opt out of paper statements. Not an option for those who struggle with their remote control of their television. With technological advancements come pros and cons. Although the pros appear to outweigh the cons it is necessary to keep ourselves in check and not forget what... The Social Interaction Of Facebook
In my opinion, the greatest advancement in the information and communications technology industry in the last 10 years is the development of social networking, most notably the ever-expanding cyber community known as Facebook. Though some may consider it a frivolous past-time, Facebook is a powerful technological advancement that has completely changed the communications landscape for my generation in three ways. First, it has changed how we interact socially. Meeting face-to-face has a whole new meaning. Secondly, it has expanded our view of community beyond our borders. Finally, it has broadened the way we interpret news events in distant places. We no longer rely on standard nightly news media feeds or posts on dot-com news sites when we can get instant, first-hand accounts from people we know. Facebook is so pervasive that the word itself has morphed beyond a simple proper noun for a widespread technological innovation and entered the common lexicon as a verb. People who had never heard of Facebook five years ago commonly understand today what it means to “facebook” someone else. For a long time, we have had the ability to interact socially using voice, text, email and uploading and sharing photos and other files as... Smarter Lives With The Smartphones
Smartphones make for smart lives Computers have changed people’s lives by simplifying tasks. If it were not for computers, everyday tasks would not be easily conducted. Just like computers help businesses succeed, cellphones, especially smartphones, are computers for individuals that give them the power to succeed. In the last ten years cell phones have become more technologically advanced to allow for more than just calls. Currently, cell phones enable users to go on the internet, check emails, and watch movies. Smartphones are the combination of PDAs and cell phones. By integrating mobile phone capabilities with the more common features of a handheld computer or PDA smartphones allow users to do things in one device (Beal). Smartphones, such as the iPhone, allow users to do multiple tasks with one handheld device. Smartphone are one of the most significant advancements in the information and communications technology industry over the last ten years because they have revolutionized the way we communicate and live. Smartphones have changed the way people communicate. In the past,cell phones were only used for talking. Smartphones have expanded cell phone capabilities to texting and picture taking, and...

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